Lethbridge Real Estate in 2011

This is perhaps the most difficult year yet to make predictions about where Lethbridge real estate will be heading. As I write, Libya and other middle eastern countries are in a state of unrest. The concern of course is the price of oil and the uncertainty that will cause in world financial markets.

For Alberta, high oil prices are usually a driver of our economy and a positive for the real estate market. However, if the price goes too high, then a world wide recession can, and usually does follow, taking the real estate market down with it.

The other unknown quantity is Canadian interest rates and how high they may go. I have read a multitude of predictions recently, including one which claims real estate prices could fall sharply once rates start to rise. I consider that to be wildly speculative and highly unlikely to happen. However, there is no doubt that steep interest rate rises would make it harder for people to finance and pay down mortgages, thereby reducing demand in the real estate market.

My best guess is that $100 a barrel oil (or close to it) is here to stay. I believe this will revitalise the oil patch and be a positive for Alberta. I think interest rates will rise, but only by very small amounts (because the economy is still uncertain), meaning the negative effects on real estate will be minimal.

For many years, prior to the boom, Lethbridge real estate prices rose only 3 or 4% a year, basically in line with inflation. The conditions for another property boom are no longer there (easy credit, strong economy, etc.). However, conditions are ideal for a return to a balanced market with price increases in line with inflation.

So what does that mean for buyers? In short, it is a great time to buy, there is an excellent selection of homes available and interest rates are still at historically low levels. For sellers, it means more competition and a need for realistic pricing. Whether you are a buyer or seller a professional realtor is essential to represent your best interests and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. My fees for sellers are reasonable and negotiable and there is no fee whatsoever for buyers.

If you would like further information
I am happy to provide help or advice with the buying or selling of Lethbridge real estate, please view my primary web site at www.teammiller.ca, send me an email at info@TeamMiller.ca, or call at 403-329-0479. I look forward to hearing from you.

Allan Miller
Sutton Group Lethbridge
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  1. Wow what a biased answer. You know full well when interest rates climb we will see a problem like the US, however, to a much less degree. This will mean much lower prices, which can already seen know in Lethbridge with homes sitting, price reductions, builders homes sitting and their price reductions. I hope someone sues you over this post when their house price tanks and they are foreclosed on!

  2. Thank you for your niceties about lethbridge real estate. I enjoyed it.

    Lethbridge Mortgage

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