Lethbridge Spring Real Estate Projections

Spring has sprung, and the vibrant Lethbridge real estate market continued to show it’s muscle throughout the winter, but can it continue?

The general concensus of option is yes. Lynnette Kalgaric of Legends Homes, one of Lethbridge’s most successful builders, said they were expecting another strong year. This sentiment has been repeated by numerous real estate associates in Lethbridge, including yours truly.

Personally, I believe all the fundamentals remain in place for a sustained real estate boom in Lethbridge. Firstly, our neighbours to the north, Calgary and Edmonton, continue to have double digit percentage increases in their population, as does Lethbridge. In fact, in the last five years, Lethbridge has seen a population growth very similar to that of Calgary. Our job market is strong, and Lethbridge has a great quality of life with a mild sunny climate. Many companies move to Lethbridge because the University and College ensure educated employees.

The next question is how much will the increase in prices be this year. Well, nobody knows for sure, but I am confident it will be well over 25%. So, a modest $200,000 single family home will be at least $250,000 this time next year – a handsome return on your investment.

The bottom line is that if you are thinking of purchasing real estate in Lethbridge, Alberta, then now is a very good time to start looking. As an experienced local agent, I would be happy to speak with you further about real estate prices in Lethbridge. To view MLS listings for Lethbridge, or to contact me personally, please go to my web site at www.TeamMiller.ca, e-mail is info@TeamMiller.ca.

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